When I first starting thinking about this post I remembered about 10 different conversations with people from marketing departments from all over the world.  When I mean around the world I mean just that from Germany to San Francisco, from Australia to New York.  Each of the conversations began with their desire to use video more in their marketing efforts, realizing how impactful video is and seeing the importance of story telling in their efforts to connect with their audience.  I was extremely relieved that I didn’t have to go through the education process of helping them realize this importance.  The conversation went from ideas on subjects to cover to content architecture and how it all fits together.  From using social media and branding to a complete long term messaging platform our synergies were amazing and we appeared to be on the same page until we started talking budget.

Every time budget talks come to the table it is clear that all the other important and relevant information we just discussed almost becomes a fleeting thought.  I began to explain that when it comes to content creation and architecture there are a couple of important key factors that companies should consider.  When you hire a film crew to cover your event, create a video or two or have long term content goals that crew becomes part of your organization, or at least they should.  For many corporate shoots I have been on there are multiple interviews, a lot of b-roll shot and the direction of that content could go anywhere.  If that video crew knows you, knows your company’s soul and is able to bring out the sincerity and authenticity in those interviews, see opportunities with content that may not have been in the scope of the work you initially slated.  The right video crew knows this and are much more than a hired camera man for your shoot.  They become content partners, the architects of your content and help you understand how to use the content more effectively and efficiently to meet your needs.  What does this have to do with money?  When you use different video crews all the time they won’t be looking out for additional content opportunities for you and will absolutely not look beyond the scope of work you hired them for.

In the end the benefit of establishing a good relationship with video content creators is seen both in the content itself and the savings of getting more out of your corporate shoots that originally planned.  The question I ask myself is this…  If the company plans on using me for multiple projects and I can see opportunity to create additional content why wouldn’t I grab it?  I want my clients to know I am looking out for them at every corner.  It’s about being a great media partner and creating value add in everything I do!



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