Creating a motivational video from commencement speeches and movie quotes.

I was approached by a parent in my neighborhood this past January about the needing of some help.  I suppose the “Setla Films” sticker on the back of my car gave it away that I was in the video business.  She was a parent of a senior about to graduate from Northville High School and agreed to be on the committee to plan the annual SANP (Senior All Night Party).  She just happened to be selected to manage the SANP reveal video, but didn’t have a clue how she was going to do this.  Waiting about 3-4 months to see what the theme was and since I had already committed to helping out, I was not without a little stress of creating a video that would fall flat and not have impact. I had to find inspiration from somewhere.

Needless to say I am also the Chief Storyteller for The Positivity Project which is a non-profit that teaches character and the importance of relationships in k-12.  I found some inspiration between those teachings, the highly motivational commencement speeches and movie quotes that hit home for me.  This ended up being the result.