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Kit & Gary Erickson
Kit & Gary Erickson (Photo: Bart Nagel)

When it comes to staying ahead of the competition I have been writing a lot about experiential marketing and visually helping your customers and audience identify with your brand or products.  This is the cornerstone of today’s marketing as people don’t want to be sold, they don’t want to be told your product is better than another, they simply want to understand how you are going to make their lives easier, better and more fulfilled.  Kevin Cleary (CEO of Clifbar) laid out his future for the company today with an ending note that sticks with me.  When asked how he planned on executing on the new (but always part of ) slogan for the company “We Feed and inspire the Adventure in all of us” he simply said “We have a lot of stories to share…”.

Video Shoot Employee Experience | Setla
Kevin Clear – CEO Clifbar

What this meant for me and in my business is that it is obvious that there are companies out there that get it, get that stories are a huge part of a companies culture and how they can relate to the customer and are committed to sharing those stories online including the employees’ stories. How is your company preparing to tell those stories?

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