Raising the TXT Generation

It was new years eve 2012 and we were having a few people over for the celebration. As always kids headed upstairs to play in their bedroom and parents hung downstairs enjoying a drink or two before midnight. 8 Months later I found out that a young boy had texted my daughter a picture of his penis on that night and changed my life forever. As a father I couldn’t imagine that the talk about boys would begin when an inappropriate text is sent at the age of 11. Malicious or not this careless act of sending a picture like this at such a young age shocked me as I thought I was monitoring everything my kids were doing. I felt I was technology-savvy enough to know if anything like this was happening. Turns out I much like many parents had not been watching close enough and had not had the conversation with my kids early enough.


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This event had been eating away at me for many months. I felt the meeting with the the boy’s parents was a good first step, but the knowing that I am not the only parent going through this or needs to have a tough conversation about this with their kids my first instinct was to create a film about the incident.

It is my goal with this film to bring awareness to parents about how much can happen to our children even when we are doing our very best to protect them. While my incident happened to my daughter it is clear that this can happen to boys and there is no clear cut answer to help protect our children other than have the conversation with your kids about acceptable behavior online and the potential consequences of sharing too much.