Why video production is worth paying for

Just like that time when you needed an attorney because you got into some heat over that thing.  When it came to finding an attorney with the right skills to put your mind at ease it took some time didn’t it?  The first several attorneys you talked to were pretty expensive, had relevant experience, but just were out of what you could afford.  Some others were more interested in backing you into a contract and get a deposit immediately, but didn’t necessarily show they had the exact experience. Finally you landed the right one, it wasn’t too expensive, they worked with you on payment, but it took time.  Here is the lesson of the day.Fast Good Cheap

This isn’t new NEWS or anything, but more of a reminder for people looking to get a video produced.  You can’t get all three and let me explain.  Some companies will ask for a cheap youtube video done without all the bells and whistles and have it up by tomorrow.  Well this video will not be any good, but maybe that didn’t matter them.  Other companies know that they are on a deadline, but have a client or boss to impress, but they are willing to pay, so in this case they have a realistic expectation that it won’t be cheap.  Then there is the client that has no budget worth mentioning, they want it good, but in the end it will not be able to be done fast AT ALL.  These projects fit in between actual paying gigs and require a bit of time to complete.

Why video in the first place?

  • Videos Increase a Viewer’s Understanding Of Your Product Or Service by 74%
  • An Introductory Company Email That Includes A Video Receives An Increased Click-Through Rate of 96%
  • 50% Of Users Watch Business-Related Videos On YouTube Once A Week
  • 80% Of Your Online Visitors Will Watch A Video, While Only 20% Will Actually Read Content In Its Entirety
  • 45% Of Viewers Will Stop Watching A Video After 1 Minute & 60% Will Have Stopped By the 2 Minute Mark

This again isn’t new to most people, but learning this before you contact a video producer about your project will improve the communication immediately and get your project to cross the finish line without near as many bumps in the road. Remember: You get what you pay for. Let your competition shoot their videos on their iPhone. It’s time to make better content. It’s worth the investment.

What is the budget for video?

“I know I want to do a video, but I don’t need a huge production out of it, just something I can throw on youtube. How much will it cost?”

This is one of the most common question I hear from people when they first approach me about doing a video, “How much will this video cost?”.  As much as I hate to talk money it always comes up in the beginning of the conversation even before knowing what the heck we are about to produce.  So you ask for a budget and I have to ask “What’s the idea?”.  This conversation while important should come after you have a sense of what style and type of video you want.  If you are new to video this is a good starting point to give me a call so I can walk through the process and help with an understanding of time, costs and the process.

Answer this question: Find a video similar to what you are thinking about and ask video production companies ‘what would a video like this cost to make?’ You will find that one of two things will happen.  They will either try and get to know who you are and help guide you through the process of the production or they are solely focused on making a buck and will guide you through the “send us a deposit” phase and there will be nothing other than a transactional relationship.  What is your preference? 

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    Video Marketing, what it takes to do it right

    It is no secret that video plays such a huge part in today’s online strategy, but here is an average call I would get

    me “Setla Films, this is Ted how may I help you?”

    Potential client “I am looking to have a promotional video created that I can place on my website to drive people to my service”

    me “Ok, how many videos have you done before?”

    Potential client “None so far, this will be the one”

    me “Ok, do you blog, or have other consistent pieces of content that your audience will see?”

    Potential client “No, not at the moment”

    me “Ok, well there are two pieces of content creation that I am a big proponent of, the content itself and the calendar. If you aren’t putting consistent content out there for your audience, then your competitor is and you may get some views and recognition, but unless you are able to get pretty crazy with this video you may just have a one hit wonder”

    Ok, this is close to how it usually goes, but the point is that there are a lot of steps to making a video successful and it starts with your company’s soul.  A good production checklist can be found here to guide you through this process a little easier, but don’t forget in the end you will be judged on ROI of your efforts, don’t forget to have a plan to measure and benchmark your campaign.  This may be to drive discussion on a topic or as basic as number of views.  

    An impressive list of “What is takes to get it right” was written up here by RealSEO.