Can a camera change corporate communications?

What I am excited about with this post is the fact that I am writing about my first corporate gig that I came to the table with all DSLR for a product rollout in the medical device industry.  As a Paramedic I have a small niche in the EMS/ Fire field and I have a passion to combine both into amazing content.  That being said I boarded the plane with a camera bag and a laptop bag…  What amazed me was that I had the following in the camera bag:  1 Sony EX3 (Just in Case) Canon 5D, 2 Lenses (16-35mm 2.8, 24-105mm f4.0), Red Rock Follow Focus, Zacuto Striker Rig, (2) Lowell Blender Light Kit, Sennheiser wireless mics, Zoom H4n, and a partridge in a pair tree.

Why am I telling you this?  Because ever since I go into DSLR (Thanks in large part to Josh over at, I have been able to be more mobile and create more visually stunning images than ever before.  My job over at the ZOLL Summit was two fold.  First create the informational content for the new product release and second make content to share with our social media audience regarding our experience. Now before I get all gear techy on you I wanted to share with you one of the basic videos that were created with the Canon 5D, Sennheisser Mic and the H4n.


Now to get into some of the exciting geeky stuff that I learned from this trip.  I absolutely think that the shoulder mounted rig is imperative when working with the DSLR for ny amount of time.  I was shooting with the Zacuto Striker Rig, which isn’t quite a shoulder type rig, so it made me realize that it wasn’t the tool for that job.  Needless to say I also brought a tripod and began using that after a little bit.  I will say then when the Scorpion rig from Zacuto comes out I will add that to the arsenal when I go to conferences from here on out.

The Audio always is an issue, but I learned a lot from Bill Kaplan (Sound Guy by trade) when I worked side by side with him in Chicago the week before.  If you are using wireless sennheisser mics it is imperative that you check this website out before you head out (Sennheisser Frequency Check List).  It gave me the right frequencies to work with while at the conference and made sure that the sound that was going into the Canon 5D was clean and without modulation.  The other sound issue most people face is that the H4n is a great tool to have 2 mic inputs from XLR and mix it with the Zoom H4n.  The problem is that the output for the ZoomH4n is line level and you need to bring that level down to mic level if you plug it directly into the Canon 5D.  I purchased a cable from Marker Tech called Sescom LN2Mic-Mon 3.5mm Line to Mic 25dB for for ZoomH4n.  It automatically brought the line level down to the level of a mic input (-25dB) and I was able to monitor what levels came out of the Zoom, but still there is one major quirk about the Canon 5D, not able to monitor the sound on the 5D.