It was summer 2016 and I was watching the Olympics on TV and just saw that Kerri Walsh had just won a bronze medal.  What Kerri didn’t know was that I have 2 daughters that play volleyball and were inspired by how long she has been able to play the game and play it well.  So I picked up my phone and tweeted to Kerri “Really appreciate all you have done to inspire my girls and for the sport of volleyball”.  Minutes later someone had LIKED and then RE-TWEETED  my post and I thought “that is odd, why would anyone RE-TWEET that comment, so I clicked on his profile and began reading.  His name is Mike Erwin who is a West Point grad, founded Team RWB (RED, White & Blue) whose mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity. He toured Iraq 3x and then received his masters at University of Michigan in Positive Psychology.

He tweeted me asking if I would be interested in having a conversation next tuesday, I obliged and the introduction to THE POSITIVITY PROJECT was cemented.  I had the chance to visit Indian Hill Elementary in Grand Blanc, Michigan and learn first hand what THE POSITIVITY PROJECT is doing to build character in today’s youth.  I ended up producing this video for the organization as I learned there is nothing more powerful than a good story that inspires others.  I just needed to witness this first hand to understand that I wish I had this when I was in Elementary school, but to see kids in kindergarten name character traits and define them where adults have problems with this task… I was floored.  Mike Erwin is on a mission to provide K-8 educators with the knowledge, resources, and confidence to teach their students how to identify, appreciate, and articulate the character strengths in themselves and others. There is no doubt that if he rolls this out to enough schools across the US that our world will be a better place.  Thank you Mike for all you continue to do for our kids. Visit the Positivity Project and see just how impactful they are going to be.