Story has been around forever and as a matter of fact before written word there was little to do, but to share stories and pass these lessons on to future generations. Our culture is deeply engrossed in story, we are so engrossed in story that sometimes we actually don’t know we are using it to connect with others. Snapchat, facebook, twitter, etc are digital ways our life stories are being told, shared and easier than ever to create story, that is video marketing through storytelling, but why is it effective?

Story is a retelling of events that happened whether it is fiction or non-fiction in truth is mainly from one perspective. When a story is told it is meant to elicit an emotional reaction from the person you are telling. You don’t pick up the phone and catch up with an old friend to tell them something that isn’t exciting or heart breaking do you? No you want them to feel what you are feeling when you tell the story, that is the power of storytelling. Medical Video Services | Setla

While there are scientific reasons why storytelling works, most of us simply understand that if we can connect with the character of the story we tend to feel what they felt, we will want to help, or cry, or join a movement or let’s call a spade a spade… buy that product because we felt the “Why” behind the product. In the words of Simon Sinek, we don’t buy your product, we buy “why” you do what you do. That “why” starts with the telling of a story. We are social creatures and we are all constantly looking for ways to connect. So as you are reading this you are thinking of the many stories you have either told, or have been a part of as a way to connect. It’s natural and that is why it is important to understand the power of storytelling with video. When writing the script and planning the video, to effectively convey the story, using this Explainly template script might be a good starting point to get the project off to a flying start.

While we tell stories daily with work colleagues, friends and family, the hardest part of storytelling when you want to do it through video is “where do I start?” “How do I make sure I am telling an amazing story?” This is all part of the process Setla Films takes you through to make sure you are comfortable with the story well before we shoot a minute of footage. It is this attention to detail, the process and understand the entire structure of story that makes your investment into this medium worth every penny.